21 February 2019

The #PrudentialCarnival isn't just about thrilling rides and exciting contests. There's another side to it that is sure to awaken the competitive spirit in you. With over 27 games to play, challenge yourself to bag your favorite plushies.

From the classics to the off-the-beaten track ones, there's a wide assortment of games to keep you busy. Here, let's take a look at 7 of these you shouldn't miss out on.


Where there's a carnival, there's got to be bowling. Line up a bowling ball, swing your arm back, and follow through to see if you can knock down some pins. For those who want be the 'kingpins' of the game, challenge yourself to do a strike – knock down all the pins in the first roll. Let's find out if this is something up your 'alley'!

Catch a Fish

Want to play a 'fintastic' game? Try out Catch A Fish at the Prudential Carnival. Use your fishing rods to pick out fishes by aiming to hook the tip of your rod to the magnet on the fishes’s nose. Let's 'sea' if you can collect the maximum number of fishes and earn some goodies.

Can Blaster

Set, aim and fire! Can Blaster is really fun if you're into shooting games. Try your hand at bringing down cans arranged in shapes of a pyramid using air blasters. Make your can-do attitude do the talking!

Circle Darts

Top your carnival experience by hitting the bullseye. Check out one of the biggest crowd-pullers in this category - Circle Darts. This game is quite an accurate gauge of your accuracy and arm strength. Throw your darts at a circular board and if you stack the maximum points, there are some exciting gifts in store!

Lobster Pot

The goal in Lobster Pot is to throw a ball from a distance into the lobster pot-like bin. Grip the ball firmly, swing your arm back and follow through with an underarm throw. This is another game that tests your throw range and accuracy. Here's a valuable tip: Aim for the lower rim of the bin.

Shoot the Stack

Immerse yourself in a comprehensive and wildlife-esque milieu in Shoot the Stack. Shoot down the toy animals around you and accumulate points based on what you hit.

Hook a Bag

People say luck favors the brave. But there's only one way to find out. Hook a Bag is a game where you have to pick one bag from a huge pile. And if the bag you pick contains goodies, you get to walk home with it. This game keeps you 'hooked' as it is very simple and not skill-based, but keep in mind, you need lots of luck!

Make your time at the #PrudentialCarnival a lot more crazy, loving and epic by trying your hand at these games. We look forward to your participation!