13 February 2019

Tell your squad that it's time to gear up. The Prudential Marina Bay Carnival is just around the corner, and the nostalgia and excitement around it is only getting bigger! Packed with a lot of fun and thrilling rides from all over the world (and free admission into the carnival grounds!), there's no shortage of delirium and craziness for you and your friends to experience.

So, what are the 4 top rides your squad should not miss out on? Let's find out!

1. Welcome the Wave!

The main showpiece of this year's carnival is going to be Wave Swinger. You are swung around from single or double seats suspended from the top, in an unforgettable and slightly reeling experience. If you don't end up closing your eyes during the ride, you might just spot murals of Gardens by the Bay, Marina Bay Sands and the entire business district of our little island!

2. Watch out for the Stars

A nostalgic carnival calls for a nostalgic ride – the Star Flyer. It not only spins around a center pillar but also races up while spinning. Get ready to be taken through a series of ups and downs as the ride spins backwards and forwards at a height of 35m. Being one of the most popular thrill rides around the world, this is surely something for your squad to try out!

3. Do this Dare

If you're looking to truly take your experience a notch higher, get on the Mach 5. This giant of a ride is famous for being the tallest ride at the carnival towering at 55m. The ride spins both clockwise and anti-clockwise mid-air but the best part is when it stops at the peak…for a few seconds to give you a spectacular view of the Marina Bay, before a massive drop which is bound to excite the thrill seeker in you! We’d rate this as a must-do with your squad!

4. Oh Ship!

The swinging ship is guaranteed to leave you and your squad screaming your lungs out! It hurls you to an almost 90-degree angle and rocks back and forth constantly to give you an incredible adrenaline rush. While this might not be as thrilling and rambunctious as the other rides, there's no shortage of fun when you and your crazy bunch of friends board it.

These are just some of the many must-try rides at The Prudential Marina Bay Carnival this year. All thrill seekers make sure to take your friends to the carnival, experience the different rides, and most importantly, wear a big smile, apply a healthy dose of laughter and keep creating crazy memories!