13 February 2019

Great food always makes for great experiences, which is why our Prudential Marina Bay carnival ground is going to be peppered with food trucks you definitely don’t want to miss.

While you make crazy memories with your friends and family, don't forget to indulge yourself in some mouth-watering food, ranging from burgers and pizza, to candy and hotdogs, and beverages (yes, we’ve got some alcohol in there as well).

Read on to find out what you can expect at the carnival to give your taste buds the treat they deserve.

Feeling nerdy about Burgers?

If you and your squad are after the perfect patties, a pit stop at BurgNerds is a must. Get ready for the aroma of hot, juicy burgers to get you drooling in no time. We recommend you try out the Nerdy American for a sumptuous lunch or dinner, or the Nerdy Mexican if you want something really tangy.

Bite 'em quick!

We've got your snacks and quick bites sorted too! You can either indulge in a culinary throwback with nostalgic snacks like the kachang puteh, or make the most of a sugar rush with items like cotton candy. Of course, no carnival is complete without popcorn – which we’ve got bucketfuls of just for you!

Stay Crazy. Stay Hydrated

The carnival also brings to you a wide assortment of beverages. Grab yourself a bottle of coke, or enjoy a fan-teastic drink of green tea, ice lemon tea, or chrysanthemum tea. For the health conscious, get your fill of fresh juices like watermelon, pink grape, and orange, and for the young ones we’ve got slushies. There's something for the beer lovers too. Crack open a cold one as you pick between Tiger, Heineken, and Erdinger Weis/Dunkel.

Pizza time!

The best way to top all the fun you're having? Pizza of course! Grab some amazing pizza at the Food Village located close to the Train Ride. Whether you're a seafood person, meat lover or a pure vegetarian, there are delicious varieties for all. The kids are sure to go crazy for it!

As you fill your heart with unforgettable and loving memories, make sure to fill that stomach as well – with some yummy and delicious food. In fact, there are a lot more food choices to explore at the carnival and if you're a foodie, you're in for an exciting time. Do experiment and taste a whole bunch of cuisines because hey, what's fun if you stay within your comfort zone?